My Vision

Openness is the central theme of all my interventions, that is openness to oneself and to others.
The human being is endowed with an extraordinary inner potentiality and intelligence.
The use of practical tools will help you to make contact with yourself, and enable the emergence of new states that are more peaceful, more useful and more appropriate.
My work is therefore to help individuals and couples find ways of being and doing that are creative, significant and evolutionary, and thus improve their quality of life.


In his or her practice, the sexologist’s purpose is designed to ensure a better sexual balance in the interactions of the human being with his ou her environment. His or her interventions aim to support the improvement, the maintenance or the restoration of sexual health.
(Translated from the Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec’s website)

More specifically, my fields of interest are:

  •  Sexual confidence
  •  Sexual desire
  •  Control of sexual dependencies
  •  Loving autonomy
  •  Conjugal well-being


Psychotherapy aims to provoke in an individual changes in attitude, behaviour, ways of thinking and reacting, enabling him or her to feel better, to find answers to his or her questions, to solve problems, to make choices, to better understand himself or herself.
(Translated from the Ordre des psychologues du Québec’s website)

More specifically, the psychotherapeutic services offered are:

  •  Stress management
  •  Performance at work and in one’s personal life
  •  Increase of self-esteem and self-confidence


More specifically, the teaching services offered to individuals ou groups are:

  • Teaching techniques aimed for higher efficiency and better performance in professional and personal projects
  • Teaching techniques for appeasement and stress management through mindfulness

Upcoming Event(s)

For more details about the services available, here is the contact information to reach me:


Riverside South Medical Clinic
665 Earl Armstrong St
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 2G2

Y2 Consulting Psychologists
125 Wellington St
Gatineau (Hull), Qc
Canada, J8X 2J1

(819) 777-7744